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Happy Halloween! *checks the clock* ...Happy day after Halloween!


I really need to work on my timing.
Bones by MegaZeo
"I am Bones, at your service."

The very first of Rita Repulsa's monstrous warriors, Bones was created by Finster to trap the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in an interdimensional time warp (as Rita herself had done to Zordon so many millennia ago). Successful at first, Bones battled the Rangers within the time warp (along with his own skeletal warriors), and was even able to reform himself when blown apart by the Rangers' weapons. However, Billy quickly deduced that Bones' skull was the source of his power. Snatching his skull off his neck, Trini tossed it down a massive crevice into the lava below, destroying Bones in a ball of fire.
Bride of Frankenstein by MegaZeo
Bride of Frankenstein
"We belong dead!" - The Frankenstein Monster

The Bride of Frankenstein, a female monster created to give the Frankenstein Monster a companion in afterlife. It doesn't go so well.
Metaluna Mutant by MegaZeo
Metaluna Mutant
The Metaluna Mutant, from the Universal classic This Island Earth. A race of insect-like creatures on the distant planet Metaluna, the mutants were engineered for physical labor and other such duties. Presumably all the mutants were lost in the destruction of Metaluna.
Ro-Man by MegaZeo
"To be like the hu-man! To laugh! Feel! Want! Why are these things not in the plan?"

Full name: Ro-Man Extension XJ-2
Film: Robot Monster (1953)

Ro-Man was sent to take care of the remaining survivors after he and his kind wiped out most of humanity. Though things were going well at first (for him), he soon began to have feelings for one of the pretty female survivors, causing everything to go to Hell in a hand basket, causing a second apocalypse. But it was all a dream. Maybe.

1) Film version
2) Poster art version


Micro Monster Master
United States
Happy Halloween! *checks the clock* ...Happy day after Halloween!


I really need to work on my timing.

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